NOTICE: CURRENT SUMMER SEMESTER OFFICE HOURS ARE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT as AGSEM will be undergoing a location change in the coming months. Thanks for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience!

Update from AGA:

Here are the election results from the Annual General Assembly held on March 10! These folks will be your Executive Committee from May 2016 to April 2017. Congratulations, and welcome to the team!

Incoming President: Jamie Burnett
Incoming Secretary-Treasurer: Sunci Avlijas
Incoming Mobilization Chair: Louise Marie Meunier
Incoming Unit 1 Grievance Officer: Kedar Mate
Incoming Unit 2 Grievance Officer: Teresa Joseph

Thank you to everyone who came out to the assembly and voted! And a special thanks to Justin Irwin, who will be leaving his position as President after having served within AGSEM (as president or otherwise) for many years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email mobilization@agsem-aeedem.ca or president@agsem-aeedem.ca



AGSEM will be holding its AGA on Thursday, March 10, at 6pm, in Burnside 1B45. This meeting is open to all TAs and invigilators. We will be discussing the year in review, with reports from our Executive Council and AGSEM committees. We will also be holding elections for positions on the Executive Council. More information can be found under the menu header “Job Postings” and “2016-2017 Executive Council Elections.” Food will be provided at the meeting. See you there!


At the Tuesday Dec 8th General Assembly, invigilators voted in favour of McGill’s offer for a new collective agreement. It comes into effect immediately, and invigilators working over the final exam period will be given retroactive pay to the amount of the new 2015-2016 pay rate. A final version of the new Collective Agreement will be signed soon, and the version on the website will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks!


Another Unit 2 General Assembly has been called for Tuesday, Dec 8, 6pm, in LEACOCK 26. The Bargaining Committee will be bringing back McGill’s formal offer, and as according to the mandate decided at the Nov 24 General Assembly, if McGill does not offer a fair wage increase for invigilators, then a STRIKE VOTE will be held. If you are an invigilator, IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU ATTEND THIS ASSEMBLY SO YOU CAN VOTE!

**UPDATE TO THE UPDATE – the strike vote will no longer be held. McGill has produced an offer that the Invigilator Bargaining Committee finds acceptable. Therefore the assembly will be holding a RATIFICATION VOTE instead!**

More information about the event can be found here.

See you there!


Message to all AGSEM invigilators:

As you have seen in your emails, a Unit 2 General Assembly will be held on Tuesday, Nov 24, 6pm, in ARTS 260. The purpose of this meeting is to go over the progress the Invigilator Bargaining Committee has made in the last few months, and to discuss what our priorities will be from here on out as we try to negotiate the best collective agreement we can for invigilators. Past updates about Invigilator Bargaining can be found on their blog here: https://invigilators.wordpress.com/category/bargaining-blog/

Details about the general assembly can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/136577196705481/

See you guys there!

Oct 1 2015 statement:

AGSEM Unit 1 Accepts Global Offer of Settlement
On September 30th, an assembly of AGSEM’s Unit 1 (TAs) was held in Leacock room 132 to vote on a Global Offer of Settlement from McGill. Having been presented with the details of the offer by the Unit 1 Bargaining Committee, TAs engaged in a vigorous debate before voting on a motion to ratify. When the votes were counted the total was 172 in favour, 101 opposed, and the offer was accepted.

AGSEM’s Bargaining Committee has contacted McGill’s negotiating team, and will make arrangements to finalize the new collective agreement in the days to come. The new agreement will include a 9% wage increase over four years (beginning with 2.5% retroactive from January 2015) until its expiration in June of 2018. The new agreement will also include some improved language regarding discrimination and harassment complaints.

This decision ends a bargaining process that has been ongoing since the last collective agreement expired in June 2014. One significant demand that was not included in the final agreement was any guarantee that TA hours keep pace with undergraduate enrolment. The issue of hours was one that previous assemblies had identified as a main priority, but ultimately it was not possible to agree to new language at the bargaining table. “It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t bring back an offer that would provide better protection for hours,” said AGSEM President Justin Irwin, “but our members made a clear decision tonight.”

***THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY IS TONIGHT AT 5:30/6!! Here is the current agenda for the evening. You can also find more information under the “Bargaining” menu and its pages. Be sure to come and vote!!***

Joint General Assemblies Agenda Sept302015




An AGSEM Executive will be present in the AGSEM Office throughout the school year at these hours:
Monday/Lundi: 13-15h
Wednesday/Mercredi: 13-15h
Friday/Vendredi: 13-15h

*NOTE: For summer 2016, office hours are currently only by appointment. AGSEM will be undergoing a location change in the coming months so we thank you guys for your patience and understanding!

To make an appointment to meet with us please email mail@agsem-aeedem.ca, or leave us a voice mail message and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Here are some sections of the website you may find useful:

If you have any questions or wish to talk to a member of the executive, please contact us. Or drop in during office hours.

View our events calendar here.

What is AGSEM?

AGSEM was accredited in 1993 to represent Teaching Assistants at McGill, making us the oldest TA Union in the province. Invigilators joined AGSEM in 2010 and Course Lecturers in 2011. In the fall of 2013 an AGSEM General Assembly decided that Course Lecturers should have their own autonomous union: MCLIU.

We are an autonomous union affiliated with the CSN, FNEEQ and CCMM. Unlike other labour organizations, these are not “parent unions”: all decision-making takes place at the local level. Our highest decision-making body is the General Assembly, where every member has an equal vote and right to speak. We have negotiated five collective agreements for McGill’s TAs and the first Invigilator Collective Agreement.

Teaching Assistants and Invigilators share an Executive Committee structure, Delegate Council and Budget, however bargaining is done independently and at least once per year a General Assembly just for TAs and a General Assembly just for Invigilators must be held to discuss matters that are not of mutual interest.

Read more in our About page.